Original Framing – Customizing with You in Mind

Custom Framing at Grand FramesGrand Frames & Gifts is the Minneapolis framing shop of choice!  We take the time to understand our client’s tastes, budget and hopes for the finished artwork.  We love to design a frame that will let the piece of art truly shine and complement our client’s home.  We are happy to design wall arrangements and work with clients in-home if the project is best completed on location. Typically, once a design is finalized, our custom framing takes 3-4 weeks to order, cut and build. Our services include, but are certainly not limited to traditional framing, matting, hand-painted framing, acrylic framing, mirrors, chalk and magnet boards, shadowboxes, and memorabilia framing. We have developed a recent love for making “sports” framing chic.

Unique Framing Options

Our table top frames and custom framing is available in many different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and materials. We carefully analyze each of these areas when helping our clients determine which frames are perfect for them.  If custom framing is what you are looking for, we make sure we design the perfect frame that captures the beauty in your portrait while still complementing the room in which the portrait will be displayed.    Stop into our Minneapolis framing shop today so we can start designing your project.

Custom Framing Minneapolis
Custom Framing Minneapolis
Framing in Minneapolis